Dark Matter: 2010 MV Agusta F4, Maxim, September, 2010
If the Ducati in your garage isn't indie enough for you, swing a leg over the punkyMV Agusta F4, an underdog superbike for those who sniff at the middle of the two-wheeled curve. The F4's slim profile may look familiar if you follow the boutique MV Agusta brand, but its internals are nearly all new, making the F4 faster, lighter, and more sophisticated than ever. And although this 189 mph surface-to-surface missile has an advanced traction control system that limits wheel spin, electronic aids can't make you a perfect rider: Remember, you're straddling a bike that puts out more power than your hooptie Honda Civic, which is six times heavier. Wear a brain bucket!

Metal Heart
Finally, trickle-down economics works: The F4's 998cc power plant pumps out 186 horsepower with a version of the variable-length intake system that debuted on MV's $43,000 Tamburini model.

Idiot Control
Cut down on the likelihood of unplanned YouTube fame with the F4's traction control system, which tames your compulsive right wrist and makes you look like you actually know what you're doing.
Basem Wasef